Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun

This was the first real year that Malia has been trick or treating.  She went last year, but was really too young to even understand what was going on.  She was ready to put her costume on at 4:00.  Yes, we had to play and romp and roll for two hours before we could even go out the door to start the festivities! 

Here is the picture journal of her night!  Allow me to narrate.....  

DADDY!!!  please don't take my picture!  We have to go!!!

 Sheesh... you'd think they would put these door bell buttons down where I could reach it!!
 I said "trick or treat"... Here's my bucket, now please add candy!
 That's it?  Seriously?
 Ok guys.. lets go.  We have a lot to do tonight!
 Huh?  What do you mean I can't have it all tonight?!
 How about if I smile real pretty and use my manners?
 Uhm.. excuse me?  What did you say?
 No, really, it's ok to eat this.. it's a protein bar!!!
 What candy?  I'm not eating candy!   (Poor Mickey keeps trying his best to get at what she has)
 It's mine! It's ALLLLL mine!
 Bedtime?  Yeah, right! 

Ok.. so that is not really what she was saying, but I like to add my sense of humor in on pictures!  I see them and stupid stuff pops out of my head!  It's a curse!  

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The Teacher's Wife said...

Super cute!! My kids were a dalmation & a dinosaur! :)~ Thanks for stopping by & commenting- love chatting with you!