Sunday, October 17, 2010


 Halloween is almost upon us and yet, I've not done a thing to get ready for it.   As I wondered what I could do that was different, imagine my excitement when Python Printable Games  asked me to review their Halloween party games and Halloween printables .  I was thrilled and could hardly wait to go online and check them out!  There are games for young children, as well as for the teen crowd and adults.

There are coloring pages, trivia, scavenger hunts, match games, the list goes on.  There are over 50 printable sheets available for you. Python Printable Games is selling this awesome package for only $19.95 ( that is a bargain considering you get over 50 printables that you can download and keep)!  I am thinking about printing some of these out to put with the candy I hand out for Halloween!

My little angel is going to have a great time with the coloring pages!  She is almost three years old and loves the color.  The match games are going to be fun as well. 

Oh, and the package is not just for Halloween / Fall Harvest.  Also included are  printables for Thanksgiving.  I can so see my nieces and nephews having fun with this while they are waiting for the dinner to be served!  I plan on having some cute prizes for the winners of each round of games I plan to do! (You know.. the winner gets to do the dishes.. JUST KIDDING!)

Python Printable Games also have a link for FREE coloring pages and a $5.00 coupon HERE!  (Wow, that would bring your price down to under .29 a game)! 

The way I see it, you can't go wrong here!    Head on over to download your FREE coloring pages and $5.00 coupon  HERE and then be sure to order the Halloween printables while you are at it!

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Cherie said...

This is great! I collect all the Halloween ideas and this is fab for the kids and the parties, etc...

Cindy said...

It really is a neat package!! They also have other sets available!