Friday, October 15, 2010

I hate having my picture taken

I really do... It's amazing how the camera put weight on you... so if 3 are pointed at you, do you gain 30 pounds in your picture?  Well, I'm going with that one!  ('cause surely I don't really look like that... do I?)

Just kidding... I know better!  But back to my point.  I hate having my picture taken.  Now I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully  made.. but my aging face and sagging body parts did not get that memo!  I did, however, find a picture my hubby took whilst we were on vacation last week, that I fell in love with...

This one right here!---->

Now, isn't that the sweetest look we are sharing? 

Well, I think it is, but the back side of the look is she was trying to put sand down my shirt!  The little monkey!!

hmmm... I think I will take all of my pictures looking up like that.... you can't tell my neck wrinkles that way..


Ashley said...

What a sweet moment! Or at least it looks like one! ;)

Traci66 said...

Those are the moments that are the best. I noticed you have some holiday event buttons on your side bar. You can grab mine and get 4 extra entries in all of my giveaways for the event. It will also count towards all of my sisters giveaways too. She is at and me

Cherie said...

You are so cute - that is a really sweet picture.
I had to laugh because I always try to find the best angle in pictures too. I have found if I stand and lean forward slightly I tend to look thinner - ha ha!

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

LOL you are too funny. I'm following you as well but wanted to stop back by. Still love your little google eyes!