Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Special Award ~ Amazing Woman

I was blog hopping earlier this morning and happened upon a blog post that asked a very good question.  If I could award someone an award, who would it be?

I thought that was very thought provoking... and immediately my BFF Carla came to my mind.  I would award her the Amazing Woman Award...  You see, Carla has a heart of gold and while she struggles with issues (and don't we all?), she tries really hard to get out of herself and give unto others.   She has dealt with different forms of cancer, recent death of her beloved father, supplied care packages for years to our soldiers, the list goes on, and on.  So, yes, without a doubt I would honor her with that award. 


Lauren said...

Thanks for following Three Crazy Munchkins! I'm now following back! And thank you for voting for my munchkin :)


Momma of Three {Kenna} said...

Thanks so much for liking my blog & following!

I am following back!

Just Married with Coupons said...

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Jennifer McLean said...

awww, she's gonna cry when she reads this. Good on you! Sounds like a terrific award to begin. I'm following now from friday follow over forty. Have a great weekend.

Carrie said...

Carla sounds like an amazing woman, and yes we all have issues - it's what make life interesting in a neurotic sort of way.

Super cute banner!

I found you through the Follow Friday 40 and Over!!

Come visit me when you have a chance

Anonymous said...

I would award you the Amazing Woman Award..with adopting a child..running all those business's..surviving through troubles most don't encounter in a lifetime and coming through them with your head up..and now raising Malia and how wonderful of a job you and Buddy are doing..yep..I would award you Amazing Woman..and him Amazing Man!! :P

classycareergirl said...

She sounds like an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog!