Friday, September 10, 2010

My 2-1/2 year old Gleek!

My little Sweat Pea is a trip!  She would rather watch Glee than cartoons!  That's the truth!  Fortunately, so would her daddy and I!  We are anxiously awaiting the season premiere!

This child will stand in front of the TV and mimic the moves, try to sing along, and has learned how to rewind the DVR so that she can sing the song again!    We try to catch her on video, but everytime we pull out the camera, she forgets the words and gets all distracted.  Oh to be able to get her on video, unaware!

<--  Here she is, "microphone" in hand, getting down with Mr. Schu (Matthew Morrison)  and Bryan Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris) while they are singing "Dream On"   

oops..  she caught me recording here   -->
Check out that pretend microphone!  I've even caught her using her brush LOL! 

Cracks me up to watch this little Gleek!


Alicia said...

Your daughter is sooo adorable.... I'm following you now.. Thanks for stopping by.. Have a Wonderful Weekend

Valley said...

That baby is just too much. She has been here before. Nonnie loves her baby girl, she cracks me up.

Tracy said...

so cute!

Melinda said...

How adorable! Aren't kids cute =0) Thanks for finding me on MBC. I am a follower of yours now, too.

Tina said...

Wow, this baby is beautiful!!!
Thanks for following me at my new URL, I am now following along here too!

Jules said...

No! This is too adorable! What a little button! Thanks so much for following me- I'm glad you liked Ad Bits! Following you back now!