Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clean up at the register 3, please...

Well, it finally happened.... I knew it had to happen sooner or later.  I really would have preferred later.  I was attacked encountered by the coupon hater CSM at the friendly local Wal-mart.   Yes, it appears that there are still employees in management that are not up on the new couponing policies that have been in place since mid March.  Nevermind the fact that even CSM's do not know how to put money on an exisiting Wal-mart Gift Card....  I have had more than my share of cashiers AND managers tell me I have to get a new card because they cannot do it.  Then I have to educate them in the nicest, sweetest,  gentlest possible way.  You don't swipe it, you just scan it.  That's it.  It's already been swiped when I originally got it. "Oh, wow... I didn't know".... clearly you didn't.  And how sad is it when a customer (that has never worked at Wal-mart) has to teach the CSM?    I feel this is where corporate is letting their employees down.  They give them a title, but it appears, they are on their own after that to figure out policies and such. 

Now, to my second issue last night.  If you are an avid couponer, you know that Wal-mart changed their policy that in the event of a coupon being valued at more than the product you are purchasing, they are to now give you that overage in the form of cash or against the contents in your basket. 

For verification, please go to Walmart Corporate Coupon Policy.  Scroll down to section labeled:  The following are guidelines and limitations: and look at the 7th bullet - does it not clearly state :

  • "If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase".???

  • Now, the cashier and one of the CSM's standing there had called the other CSM over NOT because I had an overage, but because I wanted to put the overage on a Wal-mart gift card.  My overage was $8.95 and I wanted to put $10.00 on my gift card.  That was inconceivable to them. 

    Them:  "We can't do that"!  "You are only getting $8.95 back". 
    Me:     "I will give you the $1.05 to cover the difference".
    Them:  " but you can't put money on a gift card once it's got money on it"
    Me:     "I've been doing it for weeks now, it can be done".
    Them:  "_____ come over here, please"   ( I won't call her name out in fear of being sued)

    Now, I have to go and explain it all over again about the overage and that's when it got ugly.  Well, Little Miss CSM at the Sheila Road Wal-mart proceeds to tell me that they cannot give me money back and that the coupon will have to be adjusted.  To which I very politely asked her if I could show her the Corporate policy that I had printed.  She proceeds to tell me that my policy is wrong and she will not allow me to get the overage. I asked her when that policy changed.  "It's always been that way".  I explained that this policy I had in my possession was printed 2 weeks ago... She proceeds to grab a sheet of paper that she is using as a  means of "I told you so" and says, and I quote:  "I printed this today and it says we do not do overages".  I politely asked her to void the transaction and give me my coupons. 

    I left without my stuff...  My hubby was amazed that I didn't stay and fight it.    I don't fight unless I know I will win and honestly, the policy COULD have changed.  I just needed to go home, get online and get my ammo in order.  I got in the car, and we started to leave and I remembered I didn't get their names.  So I had to walk back in there.  Found them huddled around a piece of paper along with the security guy... I guess they thought this was going to be a hostile situation!   I politely asked their names so that I could let Corporate know who I was going to refer to.  At first the smug CSM ignored me, but then she turned and let me see her tag. 

    A call has been placed with Corporate.  I now await their reply.   I fully plan to go back and get my stuff.  Surely it's been restocked by now!  I'll just make sure that (a) I don't have over $50.00 in coupons (that flags a CSM) , and (b) I steer clear of that cashier!)


    "FAITH" said...

    Sounds like they need to train their customer service reps a little ( A lot ) better. I use to work in retail YEARS and and I did Customer service, (not at a walmart) and I was taught the customer is always right... She should have at least took the time to look at the paper you had and if she didn't know how to do the transaction, Politely say I don't know how do do that, let me find someone who can, Or say I know it is an inconvenience to you but could you possibly come back come back maybe tomorrow when someone will be here that can do it? Something to that effect. Deff. poor people skills

    "FAITH" said...

    Sorry about all the typos in that previous post : /