Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And People Wonder WHY I Coupon?

Well, let me educate you on this... To me it can best be summed up as this.  Coupons are money.  Plain and simple.  Now, while I cannot just collect coupons and stash them in my piggy bank, (wouldn't that be GREAT!) I can strategically use them to help lower my grocery tab, thus allowing me to use that saved money for things like, oh... I don't know... GAS for my car!   Buddy and I stopped to get gas for both the business truck and our family car.  He just put a little in the truck...a mere $41.00 (that big ol' tank will take $100 on it's own.  I, on the other hand, went ahead and filled the tank on the car.  Or at least that was my plan.  I couldn't do it.  I had to stop it at $60.00.   I just could not allow it to go one penny higher.  Now, keep in mind that we just spent $101.00 and I still have not put gas in my little point A to point B car.  (I drive a little Accent back and forth to work to save on gas).   If I didn't coupon and do REASONABLE stockpiles, then we would be in a pickle!.... well not a pickle really, more like big ole pile of compost!  Great for a garden, but not something you'd like to play in! 

It does not seem that things will get any better.  So, I do my best to help make our dollars stretch.  We buy Malia's clothes and shoes from .. gasp... consignment shops. 

That kid dresses better than I do!  I don't have Gap jeans!  (I got mine from the Lee outlet stores 2 years ago)  Her Easter dress still had tags on it!!  Paid under $10.00 for her shoes and her dress! 

Her toys... let me just say Craigslist is my friend... ohh, maybe I better shut up b/c if our secret gets out and too many people start hitting it up, the prices might rise.  We also LOVE to go "Saleing"... Yard Sales, that is!  This child has an amazing play area outside and it is the envy of the neighborhood!  (or so I've been told!). 

We garden in the summer and eat fresh veggies.  We conserve energy at home.  We try to make our trips out and about to the best use possible.  No sense wasting gas.  We save errands for the weekend and try to make one big loop around town. 

What do you do to help make your money stretch further?  Seeing how I need to still put another $20.00 on my debit card to fill my Accent up, I'm all ears!  Hollar back!


Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

We try to use coupons for everything we do. Sometimes, I have a coupon but the store brand is even cheaper. I am always looking for tips on how to save at the grocery store.

Cherie said...

Hey Sis~
You know I love couponing! I watched my dad use coupons as a child, went shopping with him, use coupons and $ reward systems for everything (groceries, clothing, shoes, eating out, entertainment, etc).
I agree, if I didn't use coupons I would be cut in doing other things / saving more. I would have paid that $63 I saved the other day grocery shopping, paid that $76 saved on girls clothes, or that $20 @ O'Charley's. If I can get it FREE or cheap why not? Now, I'm not as lucky in consignments thus far, but I don't buy without sale + coupon. Glad to be in the same club with you! Oh, and I can't forget to say that God's blessed me in teaching others to save!

"FAITH" said...

I have recently started watching that show extreme couponing and WOW..
Boy do they go to extremes. I can't get over how much they save sometimes. Now I don't go as far as they do but My husband and I have gotten into doing the coupon thing. Checking the sales, printing coupons from the computer, things like that. Hey 30 bucks is 30 bucks right? I recently found a brand new unworn pair of 30 some dollar Shawn White shoes for my son at a good will store too for 6 bucks. Now a days, every little bit helps.