Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When did it become March?  Wasn't it just Christmas the other day?  My momma always told me that when I got older the days would go by quicker.  She was not lying!!  I sit here in amazment as I look at the calendar and see that I forgot to change it to March... Excuse me while I correct that little issue.

OK, I'm back now...

So.. I've been really busy both at the day job, the home front and all hours in between.  Thus, I have been really behind on my contest entering self.  I've entered the one or two here and there but really not like I was doing for my Christmas gifts!  I really need to figure out how to squeeze more time in so that I can get those gift cards, and really neat products.  I'm sitting on $30 worth of Amazon cards right now that I am saving for Christmas.  Hoping to add a whole lot more to it via Swagbucks!  (That's where I got the $30 worth I have on hold now).  If you are not swagging yet, please hit the link below and sign up!  (and yes, you will be giving me credit for doing it.. hope you don't mind!)

Search & Win

SO... Back to work I go... I had my 10 minute break to swallow some food down... If anyone figures out how to slow down time... let me in on it!!  At this point, I may have to give up sleep... or (smile) excercise! Just kidding!!  (not really)... I'm kidding... (no, I'm not!)

Have a great day!!  Hope to see you soon!

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